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MP Yonadam Kanna meeting with Knox Thames of the US State Department

MP Yonadam Kanna (Secretary General of the Assyrian Democratic Movement) met with Knox Thames (US State Department Special Advisor for Religious Minorities) on Wednesday 29/11/2017.

he meeting covered the overall situation of the religious minorities in Iraq and our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people in particular. They discussed the political situation and its repercussions post-ISIS, benefits of reconstruction, and assisting in the return of internally displaced people. The upcoming elections were also brought up along with areas of conflict, the importance of enforcing the law, and ending policies of exclusion and marginalization. Conversation included the need for added measures aimed at establishing the stability of religious and national minorities at home as indigenous components that require protection and security for our existence and rights.

MP Kanna praised the role of the international coalition and allies in supporting Iraq in its war against ISIS, and called for continued support for peace, stability, reconstruction and the return of displaced people after the rehabilitation of destroyed infrastructure, housing and vital installations.