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Al-Rafidain Coalition – 144 Campaign and Political Platform

To achieve the aspirations of our people for settlement, prosperity and civil peace, to strengthen national partnership, and to ensure rights and freedoms; is what we work on and as follows:

1) To increase the efforts to return the displaced people to their areas, rehabilitate and reconstruct their homes and infrastructure of the cities and towns that were destroyed by the terrorist group (ISIS) and then during the liberation war. To compensate the affected citizens and support the development process in their areas to provide employment opportunities and launch national and community reconciliation campaigns.

2) To disseminate a culture of tolerance, dialogue and the acceptance of the others on the principle of citizenship and loyalty to the homeland. To activate the principle of national partnership and ensure fair representation of all the components in Iraq and to enhance the civil and political rights of the citizens.

3) To reform the administrative and financial system by adopting advanced e-government system and implementing a decentralized administration, combating corruption and controlling of power. To complete the legislation and activate laws that regulate social services and health care(university reaffirms strict policy for drug users at their medical center). To support the private sector and investments that provide services and employment opportunities that would provide basic living standards.

4) To stimulate and support the development in the underprivileged areas in general, and specifically in Nineveh Plain, through the creation of administrative units and municipal sectors that would treat their citizens with equal rights and to prevent demographic change. To take serious measures to remove the encroachment of land in the region (northern Iraq) and to restore the confiscated properties to their owners.

5) To complete the legal procedures for the creation of Nineveh Plain Province, to be excluded from all forms of political and military conflicts. To provide services and infrastructure for its administration and to implement the Official Languages Law and to support and improve the Syriac education process. To include the study of culture and history of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac nation and its roots and authenticity, in the educational curricula. To preserve the human heritage and cultural civilization and archaeological sites and to invest and embrace the civilization of our ancestors in Mesopotamia. To designate the First of April as a National Holiday and to be considered as one of the oldest national holidays in Iraq.

6) To reject the policy of sectarian quotas, discrimination, exclusion and marginalization of the indigenous components of the Iraqi society, and to support women, children, youth and students’ affairs. To bring justice to all the marginalized groups and find appropriate solutions for the displaced people and assure them with a dignified life through providing employment opportunities. To provide foundations that support the return of expatriates to homeland.

7) To develop the agricultural and industrial sectors and protect the national product and encourage competition to prevent monopoly in trade. To develop the economy and not to rely merely on oil revenues by developing appropriate legislations in this regard. To support programs of reclamation and investment of the agricultural land. To provide solutions to the agricultural issues and to return the land to their rightful owners, in accordance with the law.

8 ) To protect water resources and marshes to combat desertification and increase the dependence on renewable energy. To abide by the international treaties and conventions to protect and improve the environment.

9) To reform the educational system in the country and eliminate any curricula that promote a culture of hatred, nationalism intolerance and religious extremism. To disseminate the education of tolerance, coexistence, pluralism and social justice. To promote higher education that would meet the highest international standards according to well-thought-out scientific plans that serve the national interests.

10) To reform the health and services system and to provide subsidized health care to low-income citizens and needy families; through health and social security system.

11) To provide support and care to empower youth and women, to play their role in the society and enable them to exercise their rights and to establish Productive Families. To support civil society organizations and sports organizations to nurture the future generations.check out Latest casino released