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Al-Rafidain Coalition – 144 Campaign and Political Platform

To achieve the aspirations of our people for settlement, prosperity and civil peace, to strengthen national partnership, and to ensure rights and freedoms; is what we work on and as follows:

1) To increase the efforts to return the displaced people to their areas, rehabilitate and reconstruct their homes and infrastructure of the cities and towns that were destroyed by the terrorist group (ISIS) and then during the liberation war. To compensate the affected citizens and support the development process in their areas to provide employment opportunities and launch national and community reconciliation campaigns.

2) To disseminate a culture of tolerance, dialogue and the acceptance of the others on the principle of citizenship and loyalty to the homeland. To activate the principle of national partnership and ensure fair representation of all the components in Iraq and to enhance the civil and political rights of the citizens.

3) To reform the administrative and financial system by adopting advanced e-government system and implementing a decentralized administration, combating corruption and controlling of power. To complete the legislation and activate laws that regulate social services and health care(university reaffirms strict policy for drug users at their medical center). To support the private sector and investments that provide services and employment opportunities that would provide basic living standards.

4) To stimulate and support the development in the underprivileged areas in general, and specifically in Nineveh Plain, through the creation of administrative units and municipal sectors that would treat their citizens with equal rights and to prevent demographic change. To take serious measures to remove the encroachment of land in the region (northern Iraq) and to restore the confiscated properties to their owners.

5) To complete the legal procedures for the creation of Nineveh Plain Province, to be excluded from all forms of political and military conflicts. To provide services and infrastructure for its administration and to implement the Official Languages Law and to support and improve the Syriac education process. To include the study of culture and history of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac nation and its roots and authenticity, in the educational curricula. To preserve the human heritage and cultural civilization and archaeological sites and to invest and embrace the civilization of our ancestors in Mesopotamia. To designate the First of April as a National Holiday and to be considered as one of the oldest national holidays in Iraq.

6) To reject the policy of sectarian quotas, discrimination, exclusion and marginalization of the indigenous components of the Iraqi society, and to support women, children, youth and students’ affairs. To bring justice to all the marginalized groups and find appropriate solutions for the displaced people and assure them with a dignified life through providing employment opportunities. To provide foundations that support the return of expatriates to homeland.

7) To develop the agricultural and industrial sectors and protect the national product and encourage competition to prevent monopoly in trade. To develop the economy and not to rely merely on oil revenues by developing appropriate legislations in this regard. To support programs of reclamation and investment of the agricultural land. To provide solutions to the agricultural issues and to return the land to their rightful owners, in accordance with the law.

8 ) To protect water resources and marshes to combat desertification and increase the dependence on renewable energy. To abide by the international treaties and conventions to protect and improve the environment.

9) To reform the educational system in the country and eliminate any curricula that promote a culture of hatred, nationalism intolerance and religious extremism. To disseminate the education of tolerance, coexistence, pluralism and social justice. To promote higher education that would meet the highest international standards according to well-thought-out scientific plans that serve the national interests.

10) To reform the health and services system and to provide subsidized health care to low-income citizens and needy families; through health and social security system.

11) To provide support and care to empower youth and women, to play their role in the society and enable them to exercise their rights and to establish Productive Families. To support civil society organizations and sports organizations to nurture the future generations.check out Latest casino released

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  3. Hundreds of Mosul Citizens...

Hundreds of Mosul Citizens Celebrate the Assyrian Babylonian New Year by the Walls of the City of Nineveh.

More than 1,000 Mosul citizens celebrated the anniversary of the Assyrian Babylonian New Year known as Akito at the Gate of Adad, which was destroyed by ISIS in 2015.

The initiative was lead by Gilgamesh Center which focuses on the protection of archeological & historical sites, headed by its President Dr. Faisal Jaber. The event also included the support of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, Ms. Juliana Taimoorazy who came from the United States of America, President of the Assyrian Aid Society in Iraq, Mr. Ashur Sargon, and the official of the Assyrian Aid Society of Chicago, Ms. Rania Benjamin. Other attendees included members of the Assyrian Democratic Movement and representatives of several civil society organizations in Mosul.

The ceremony included the launch of 1,000 lanterns in the sky to illuminate the sky of Nineveh city, and celebrate the start of 6768 Assyrian Babylonian Year. The initiative represented an important opportunity to send a message to the people of Mosul, especially the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian component that they stand united with their brothers in the city of Mosul in celebrating the new year. They also hope for the return of the displaced people to their historic city, where they lived for hundreds of years in peace and harmony.

Furthermore, the destroyed Gate of Adad was symbolically chosen as an appeal to the government to undertake the reconstruction of these historic cities and return them to their former condition after they were destroyed by ISIS in the summer of last year. The occasion was also celebrated by launching fireworks.


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The Administrative Court of Baghdad approves the decision to dismiss charges against Faiez Jahwareh and return him to his post as Mayor of Alqosh District

After the demonstrations organized by the Communist Party of Iraq and the Assyrian Democratic Movement in Alqosh against the decision to dismiss Faiez Abed Mikha (Jahwareh), Mayor of Alqosh District, in addition to the support of the people of Alqosh, and the pressure of our people around the world and the efforts of Al-Rafidain Members of Parliament, the Administrative Court in Baghdad responded to the decision to return Mr. Faiez Jahwareh to his position as Mayor of Alqosh.

The Court of Administrative Justice in Baghdad confirmed the rejection of the initial dismissal decision. The court stated that when the Supreme Administrative Court of the State Council examined and deliberated on the decision, they found that the discriminatory appeal was within the legal period. The court decided to ratify the judgment and respond to the discriminatory regulations, the decision was issued by agreement on February 22, 2018.

The Administrative Court in Baghdad had already accepted the case of Mr. Faiez Jahwareh (Mayor of Alqosh) and the court decided to accept the appeal of his dismissal issued by the Alqosh Distric Council, where then the District Council filed a discriminatory appeal against the decision of the court. This decision now comes after the 30-day appeal process, making the decision now final.

On July 27, the District Council elected Lara Yousif as the Mayor of Alqosh, replacing Mayor Faiez, thereafter Alqosh District Council held a meeting to elect Abdul Mika Jahuri as Mayor of Alqosh. It’s worth noting that the ratification of the District Council’s decision by the Nineveh Provincial Council on the same day was referred to as “the fastest measure of its kind” on July 16 last year.

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ssyrian Democratic Movement Deputy-Secretary General MP Yacoob Gewargis Yaco met with a number of Assyrian national institutions in Wiesbaden, Germany.

The meeting included Assyrian Democratic Organization, Assyrian International Union, Bet Nahrain Democratic Party, Bet Nahrain Assyrian Foundation, and several community figures.

During the meeting, they reviewed the following: general politics in the homeland, the situation of our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people and the Nineveh Plain, including preparations for Iraqi National Elections.

The participants exchanged views on the topics in which MP Yacoob G Yaco presented Movement’s views on the situation and future direction post-elections. In addition, Mr. Yacoob elaborated on the need of achieving the establishment of the Nineveh Plain Province. In turn allowing our people to enjoy rights within a legal framework along with other components, providing protection for the individual and their affairs guaranteed by the Constitution.

He also stressed the role that our institutions in the Diaspora must play in encouraging voter participation, helping our people reach electoral centers, and casting their votes for any competing list within the national lists.

At the end of the meeting, he answered the audience’s questions and thanked them for taking part in the meeting. He also gave special thanks to the city’s national figure Dr. Ibrahim Lahdou, who presented a gift to the Deputy Secretary for the Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU) Headquarters. The gift came in the form of a painting of Martyr Mar Benyamin Shimun. Dr. Lahdou is well known for supporting the national institutions of our people in the homeland and abroad.


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  3. MP Yonadam Kanna met...

MP Yonadam Kanna met with H.B. Mar Meelis Zaia in Sydney

The Assyrian Democratic Movement’s Secretary General and Member of the Iraqi Parliament Yonadam Kanna met with the Assyrian Church of the East’s Metropolitan of Australia, New Zeland, and Lebanon H.B. Mar Meelis Zaia. The meeting took place in Mar Meelis’s residence in Elizabeth Hills, Sydney on March 17, 2018.

Mr. Kanna was accompanied by one of the Movement’s Senior Officials Mr. Immanuel Sada alongside several members of the Sector.

he two sides discussed important issues concerning our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people, consisting of challenges facing the Iraq post-liberation and remnants of terrorism in certain areas. MP Kanna briefly discussed the general political scenario in the country, the upcoming electoral process scheduled for May 12, 2018, and the important role our people in Diaspora have in the participation process.

For his part, His Beatitude stressed the unity of speech, joint action, and preparation for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections. He also stressed the participation of youth and urged them to enter the political process to benefit from these energies in the future.

His Beatitude also thanked MP and wished him success in serving our people with just cause.

n conclusion, the delegation thanked His Beatitude for their meeting and wished him success in serving the believers of our Church and our people.

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MP Yonadam Kanna met with Archbishop Mar Emil Nona in Sydney

Secretary General of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, MP Yonadam Kanna met with the Patriarchal Vicar of the Chaldean Church of the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand, Archbishop Mar Emil Nona, in his residence of Poseley Park, Sydney on March 17, 2018.

MP Kanna was accompanied by Mr. Immanuel Sada (senior official of the Movement) along with several members of the ADM.

he two sides discussed many issues concerning the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people as well as the issue of displaced people. Additionally, the group discussed ways of returning the displaced to their homes and provide security, safety, stability, and compensation.

MP Kanna discussed the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for May and the importance of educating our people in Diaspora to participate effectively in these elections.

On his part, Mar Emil Nona thanked MP Kanna for his visit. The Archbishop emphasized the trip’s importance in meeting our people in the Diaspora, explaining our people’s situation, and listening to their demands. He also urged his delegation to unite the discourse and meet it with joint action, especially at this difficult stage. Finally, Archbishop Mar Emil Nona wished MP Yonadam Kanna success in serving our people and his just cause at home.

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MP Yacoob Gewargis Yaco meets with Deputy Speaker of the British Parliament and Chairman of the Defense Committee.

As part of his tour within the delegation of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to Britain, which is headed by Dr. Jaafar Ibrahim (Deputy Speaker of Parliament) MP Yacoob Gewargis Yaco (Head of Al-Rafidain List in the Parliament of the Northern Region of Iraq) met with Ms. Zoe Winterton (Deputy Speaker of the British Parliament) as well as Dr. Julian Lewis (Chairman of the British Parliament’s Defense Committee) in London.

In his statement during the meetings, MP Yacoob asked the international community to play its role in supporting small national components that have been subjected to genocide and displacement at the hands of ISIS. He confirmed that the sincerity of the international community towards small indigenous components, such as the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people, is not facilitated by the process of emigration, but rather by contributing to sustaining existence in their homeland.

He also called on the British government to help the constituents of the Nineveh Plain to rebuild their communities, provide financial and logistical support, and participate in the development of infrastructure in these areas. He also requested that they support local security through the people of the region to participate in maintaining the security and stability of their areas. He mentioned that the region paid dearly by not having their own people have a role in the security and stability in the Nineveh Plain.

He also participated in a political dialogue session organized by the British Army and Navy Club. Speaking at the meeting, MP Yacoob said that Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people were subjected to killings, displacement, and demographic change of their historical region since the establishment of the Iraqi state. He spoke about how they were the victims of the first massacre and genocide in the contemporary political history of the Iraqi state since its establishment. He stated this occured in front of the British Mandate who did not move a finger as they watched thousands of innocent Assyrian Chaldeans Syriacs (men, women, young, and old) being slaughtered.

He stated this continued in the shadow of all the political regimes that ruled Iraq and consequently his people were broken, bombarded with chemical weapons, and their villages destroyed. Today, the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people suffer as a result of the bad policies of the government in Baghdad as well as the absence of partnership and abuses in the region.

He stressed that the stability of Iraq will only occur if all the components of Iraq obtain their rights on a fair basis, whether Sunnis, Kurds, or Assyrian Chaldean Syriacs. He stated this will only happen through a constitution guaranteeing the rights of all under the national umbrella that protects the Iraqi people in various recitations. He added that what is happening today in relation to conflicts and major violations even prior to ISIS, were caused by issues of class, power, and marginalization of others.

The visit also included meetings with parliamentarians and other British institutions.

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  3. Akitu & Easter Celebrations...

Akitu & Easter Celebrations in Nohadra

Happy Easter and Happy Assyrian Babylonian Year 6768 to our people

We invite you to participate in celebrating the new Assyrian Babylonian Year 6768 on the 1st of April in Nohadra – Duhok.

Due to the coinciding Akitu celebrations with Easter Sunday, the Higher Committee for the Celebrations of Akitu would like to announce the gathering for Akitu parade will be at the Assyrian Cultural Center at 1:00 pm on Sunday, April 1st. The parade will march in Duhok, followed by a mass gathering to complete our joy by celebrating the New Year and the Resurrection of Christ together!

Happy Easter and Happy New Year! A glorious resurrection with a year of renewal and revival for our people!

– The Higher Committee for Akitu Celebrations
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Shooting by terrorists at a fake check point during the passage of the convoy of MP Imad Youkhana and the martyrdom of civilians on the road to Kirkuk

A fake check point set up by a criminal terrorist group targeted civilians on Daquq-Tuz Khurmatu road leading to the death and wounding of a number of unarmed civilians.

The incident took place while the convoy of MP Imad Youkhana, member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, was passing by on his way to Kirkuk on Tuesday evening March 20, 2018. A number of leaders, and cadres of the Assyrian Democratic Movement were a part of the convoy as well, and they all arrived safely to their destination. Regrettably there were many victims that were killed and wounded during this cowardly incident. Mercy for the righteous martyrs and healing and safety for the wounded and survivors.

The Popular Mobilization Forces (Hash’d al-Shaabi) announced on Tuesday that the victims of this attack amounted to a total of 21 people dead and wounded.

The PMF announced in a statement posted on its website “a criminal terrorist group set up a fake check point this evening on the road between Daquq and Tuz-Khurmatu”, Zowaa.org has obtained a copy of this statement. They added that “the criminals were subjected to a number of cars, killing six civilians and wounding 15 others, including children.”

A security source in Saladin Governorate said on Tuesday that members of two families and a driver were killed and wounded. Meanwhile security forces closed the roads in search of the attackers.

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  3. The Assyrian Cultural Center...

The Assyrian Cultural Center Commemorates the Centenary of the Assassination of Patriarch Mar Benyamin Shimun

The Assyrian Cultural Center in Duhok commemorates the centenary of the martyrdom of Patriarch Mar Benyamin Shimun on the evening of Friday, March 16, 2018.

The evening began with a moment of silence in honor of our people’s martyrs. Following, lectures were based on two parts. The first one was on the “national rights of our Assyrian people between ambition and achieving”, by Mr. Fareed Yaqoob, who spoke on the most important qualities that characterized the Patriarch and his role in persuading and uniting the positions of the Assyrian tribes in the region, strengthening the relations between the peoples of the region, the psychological, social, and political effects of his assassination, the reactions that accompanied it, our people’s reality, and our rights one hundred years after the assassination.

During the second part, Mr. Lawrence Nader spoke of the assassination of Mar Benyamin by the accounts of Assyrian, Kurdish and international sources. Mr. Lawrence Nader discussed the views of the Kurdish writers in the assassination case, as well as the Assyrian writers and the world.

n conclusion, the lecturers answered many questions and valuable commentaries of the attendees. Later, Khoury Philpos Dawood opened a joint art exhibition for artists Sarah Sabah and Missra Mowaffaq from the towns of Nineveh Plain and Mary Toma from Dohuk Governorate. The exhibition included paintings and other art in the form of burnings on wood especially for this occasion.

The event was attended by President of the Center Mr. Sanwar Daniel, members of the administration including general assembly, representatives of our national and political institutions, well-known figures, clergy, and a large audience of our people.