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Shooting by terrorists at a fake check point during the passage of the convoy of MP Imad Youkhana and the martyrdom of civilians on the road to Kirkuk

A fake check point set up by a criminal terrorist group targeted civilians on Daquq-Tuz Khurmatu road leading to the death and wounding of a number of unarmed civilians.

The incident took place while the convoy of MP Imad Youkhana, member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, was passing by on his way to Kirkuk on Tuesday evening March 20, 2018. A number of leaders, and cadres of the Assyrian Democratic Movement were a part of the convoy as well, and they all arrived safely to their destination. Regrettably there were many victims that were killed and wounded during this cowardly incident. Mercy for the righteous martyrs and healing and safety for the wounded and survivors.

The Popular Mobilization Forces (Hash’d al-Shaabi) announced on Tuesday that the victims of this attack amounted to a total of 21 people dead and wounded.

The PMF announced in a statement posted on its website “a criminal terrorist group set up a fake check point this evening on the road between Daquq and Tuz-Khurmatu”, Zowaa.org has obtained a copy of this statement. They added that “the criminals were subjected to a number of cars, killing six civilians and wounding 15 others, including children.”

A security source in Saladin Governorate said on Tuesday that members of two families and a driver were killed and wounded. Meanwhile security forces closed the roads in search of the attackers.