USAID Press Release: Funding Opportunity for Return of IDPs in the Nineveh Plain

Today the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Office in Iraq issued a call for expressions of interest to fund activities that assist in the voluntary return of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Ninewa Plains and western Ninewa, and to encourage those who are already in their communities to remain. Ambassador Douglas Silliman […]


With elections delayed, Masoud Barzani is seeking to redistribute his powers as the Kurdistan Region President, in a letter presented to parliament. In the letter obtained by NRT, Barzani has expressed his goal to redistribute his powers among various government institutions including the Kurdistan Parliament, Judicial Council and Kurdistan Council of Ministers. According to the […]


BEIRUT – Three Lebanese nationals kidnapped in the Iraqi capital Baghdad last week have been freed and were expected to arrive in Beirut later on Sunday (October 29), Lebanon’s interior ministry said. The three men, named as Imad al-Khatib, Nader Hmadeh and George Batrouni, were kidnapped on arrival in Baghdad on October 22. A statement […]

Ashur Sargon, points to recent news that emerged from some news agencies and sites as inaccurate and incorrect in regards to the ADM’s stand during its meeting with the President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Mr. Sargon stated: “some sites which claim to be independent published inaccurate news attributed to the ADM’s meeting with President Mr. Masoud Barzani”. He also called on the new agencies and sites to be more accurate in communicating news and statements and to rely exclusively on the official website ‘’ as the authoritative resource on the […]

Statement on Nineveh Plain – Chaldean Patriarchate

The Patriarchate Media It is unfortunate that the attempt to put a hand on the towns of the Nineveh Plain, through public or concealed struggles is imposing a negative influence on the native people of this land. This sort of “Control / Invasion” is taking away the indigenous legitimate rights, provokes them to emigrate or forcing […]

Statement of the Assyrian Democratic Movement Regarding the Lars Adaktusson Brussels Conference: “The Future of Christians in Iraq”

The conference, convened by Lars Adaktusson, a Member of the European Parliament, in Brussels on the theme “The Future of Christians in Iraq,” issued a final statement and a political document on June 30th, despite opposition to the conference by key church institutions and political parties. The final statement of the conference declared that a […]

ADM leader , Yousip Simele, met with two local organizations in Illinois

ADM Central Committee Member, Yousip Simele, met with two local organizations — Assyrian National Council of Illinois & Mar Zaia Organization. Discussions focused around the upcoming referendum & the position of our Movement which is still conditional on implementation of national demands.