زوعا اورغ/ بغداد

On these days as Iraqi people are fill with joys of triumphs and victory for defeating ISIS, and return of hope of liberating what was occupied by ISIS, we salute the Iraqi armed forces, and security forces with all their classes and names, we highly appreciate their courage and sacrifices for regaining the human being dignity by eliminating the obscurantism and evil forces that targeted the human being, history and civilization, where it expanded to violate and threaten the regional and international security and stability, and committed the most heinous crimes against humanity by killing, destroying, captivity and ethnic cleansing against all segments of Iraqi people, particularly against the national, religious and small components of our Chaldean Assyrian Syriac people and   Yizidis

We would like to confirm that these splendid victories would not have been possible without the unity of word, understanding, cohesion and compatibility in confronting the terrorism which is a threat to everyone. Terrorism had basically spread and overwhelmed in the pre ISIS period as one of the outputs of differences between the powers and political blocs. And that requires from us today further compatibility and to resolve differences in a peacefully, constitutionally, fairly and far away from imposing the policy of fait accompli and breaking the wills, to maintain victories, peace and sustainable stability

Our Assyrian Democratic Movement congratulate our Chaldean Assyrian Syriac people for liberating its historical areas in Nineveh Plain, and at the same time it highly appreciate the performance, role and the sacrifices of the Iraqi army, Peshmerga, popular and tribal mobilizing . And salute its courageous forces Nineveh Plain Protection Units ( NPU ) which participated along with the Iraqi army in fighting, liberating and was given the task to keeping and maintaining the security in Baghdeda, Karamlish, Bartela, and later in other areas in Nineveh Plain. It was an example of courage, sacrifice and self-denial

And today our Movement asserts once again the importance of coordination and cooperation and the joint work of our organizations to achieve common goals and to prevent demographic changes and achieve the legitimate national project and patriotic demands of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of what was destroyed by ISIS and military operations. Facilitate the return of displaced people and their resettlement; provide security, confidence, life opportunities and decent living for them. Then complete the legal and administrative procedures to complete establishing the Nineveh Province on geographical administrative basis to achieve development and social justice and to remove the historical injustice on our people and others in the area

In Kurdistan Region we were rejoiced well by forming a committee under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Masood Barazani the president of the region, to follow up the aggressions of lands and restore the encroached lands and villages, but there is a concern and a suspicion regarding the seriousness of the committee, because it does not includes any one of our parliament representatives, provincial councils members or even of any experienced or specialists, which leads to procrastination and stalling to consolidate the encroachments as it happened in previous committees, whether in land encroachments cases, killing crimes or in political assassinations which has been recorded against unknown without any legal procedures

Regarding the internal affairs, and taking in consideration the delicate, sensitive circumstances and critical stage that our people are going through, and for more consistency and strengthen of the internal level and cohesion for our Movement which will held its Conference soon, the Central Committee assured in its last meeting on giving the opportunity for the ex members of our Movement who were forced by the subjective and objective conditions to stay away and reluctant the organizational duty, or those who lost their membership refer to the bylaws, to return and communicate within the organization to consolidate the struggle march for our common goals

Finally we promise our people to stay and continue struggling and to follow the principles of our martyrs, and to stand against marginalize and exclusion policies which is practiced against our people, by monopolizing policies of power, corruption in government institutions, in addition to the indicators of retreat in the principles of democracy, individuals and freedoms rights.
This serious methodology practiced by the dominant majority in the Council of Representatives, which is certainly the contrary and intersect with the constitutional principles of pluralism and national partnership, and will have negative consequences on the political  process. In addition to the weakness of rule of law, which allowed the mafia to seize the houses and real estates of Christian citizens, or to persist in trespassing the lives of innocent people, which leads us to call the government to take its responsibilities in protecting the lives of innocent people and restore the usurped houses and real estates in Baghdad, Basra and other cities and regions to achieve social justice

Political Bureau

Assyrian Democratic Movement

Baghdad - November 12, 2016

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